$1.050 (American dollars)

This value includes transportation between Valledupar and Seykun (gathering site), accommodation for 4 nights and food, excluding airfare to Valledupar and lodging or food in Valledupar.



10 % for couples or family



The money collected will be used to cover the costs of the organization of the event, locative adjustments, logistics and the high costs of transporting and feeding about 200 indigenous people from the Kogi, Arhuaco, Wiwa and Kankuamo. The remaining money will be delivered directly to the corresponding spiritual and traditional authorities, in order to support the processes of traditional education of children, which guarantee the cultural and spiritual permanence of these ancestral peoples.

Any additional donation that you would like to make after the gathering can be made through the Aluna foundation, which will deliver it to the traditional authorities of the indigenous peoples directly.