The Dawn of a New Time 2018

Thank you for being a part of this experience!


Between the 11th and the 15th of September of 2018, the indigenous people of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Martha opened the doors to their territories and their ancestral knowledge regarding life, health and well being to us.

The Arhuaco community of Seykun in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Martha, was our home for those five days in which we shared dialogues and traditional practices that brought us closer to the ancestral culture of the guardians of the “heart of the world”, to their way of life and the way in which we can join them to help recover and preserve their sacred lands.

The mamos (spiritual leaders) also invited us to reflect upon the importance of taking care of and respecting nature, getting to know ourselves and each other as a part of the grand web that connects all species on the planet and taking on the responsibility that we as humans have to preserving it.

The mamos, and the community as a whole, opened their hearts to us in a gesture of generosity, and shared their profound wisdom in order to inspire us to recover the balance in our lives and acknowledge the relationship that exists between harmony innate and our own health and well being.

The team at Fundación Aluna is deeply grateful with every person who heeded the call in their hearts and joined us in this life experience with their presence and love. Each one of you is now an important part of this web that was woven thanks to your willingness, your openness, your ideas, connections and beautiful energies that are aligned with defending the rights of the indigenous people, their lands and safeguarding life in general.

We reaffirm our commitment to continue accompanying and supporting the recovery, strengthening and dissemination of the ancestral knowledge of the indigenous communities of Colombia and we appreciate all the ideas, time, resources and energy that you can contribute to this network of “Friends of the Sierra”, which we will continue to weave day by day from wherever we are, with every thought, every word and every action that reminds us of our bond and our commitment to life.




Thank you for being a part of this Dawn of a New Time.


With profound love and gratitude


Aluna Foundation Team

Arhuaco people of NIWI UMUKE message

Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, Colombia

Through their traditional authorities, the Arhuaco people of NIWI UMUKE – Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, Colombia – the mamos, men, women, children, youth and assistants of the gathering “THE DAWN OF A NEW TIME” in general, wish to thank each and every one of the participants that came from different countries to join us as we reconnected as sister cultures and to wove feeling, consciousness, and awareness as one, while committing to sustaining human and planetary health and wellbeing.

We are also grateful that you have allowed us to share a little of the physical, cultural and spiritual situation of our home, the Sierra Nevada, NIWI UMUKE, which we define as one of the most sensitive places on the planet, due not only to the diversity of microclimates and natural life that inhabit it, but also because it is a millennia-old territorial space that regulates important routes and flux of cosmic energies that interconnect and affect universal life.

We, the indigenous peoples of these ancestral lands, view the gathering as having been guided by the forces of ZAKU, our mother earth, so that the different cultures reconnect with our essence, that we may resume and strengthen our missions and together advocate for the permanence of universal life.

Thus, we will remain committed to our cultural and spiritual ancestral mission as a guarantee of permanence of life of NIWI UMUKE, planet earth and the cosmos, but this time, as one with all those who accompanied us in the gathering “THE DAWN OF A NEW TIME. ”

Immense thanks for everything,

DUNI (Thank You)