It is important that participants know that this is not a luxury trip. Mamos and indigenous authorities of the Sierra Nevada have invited us to have an experience with them in their territory and according to their way of life.

In an extremely generous way they have opened their culture and spirit to us.

Their way of life is simple, based on a deep contact with nature, so we will be sharing this experience in the same manner, again, in conditions similar to their lifestyle.



It’s important to note that there are no luxuries. We guarantee a basic setup for a comfortable and safe stay that sits within the existing conditions in the Reservation. This means sleeping in tents, hammocks or on mats on the floor.

The community of Seykun is located 582 meters  (1909.45 feet) above sea level and has a temperature between 16 and 23 degrees Celsius (60.8 – 73.4 fahrenheit), in the day it can be hot and at night it can be cold.

There is electricity and running water in the village and participants will have access to shared toilets and showers.

The organizers request participants who come from abroad to have travel insurance.

We are confident that these conditions will make this event an unforgettable experience.



In 2011, the first version of the “Dawn of a New Time” was held in the Arhuaco community of Ikarwa, on that occasion given the climatic conditions of the site several foreign participants had difficulties with high temperatures and mosquitoes.

Taking this situation into account, this year’s gathering will take place in a completely different location at a higer altitude, surrounded by mountains, forests and rivers with a cool climate.  However, it is important to keep in mind that there may be insects, because we will be in an indigenous settlement, in the middle of a mountain.